A lot of people ask me what the difference is between the Mobiletech Shade™ and other suction cup umbrellas on the market. At first glance, you may only be able to see a difference in price or size. But there are several differences that serious technicians are happy we added.


Each Mobiletech Shade™ is hand-built, welded, and machined by master craftsman, metallurgist, and gunsmith. The Mobiletech Shade™ patented design and assembly process has been created and achieves our “set it and forget it” design.



The Mobiletech Shade™ metals create a perfect balance between strength and performance. When purchased new the Mobiletech Shade™ requires 3-5 minutes breaking in period. This process can be accomplished by pivoting the extension arm back-and-forth slowly while tightening the tension key to acquire the desired tension. To ensure that the shade is adequately broken in, you’ll want to see the painted area ware off the base mount showing a shiny surface between the mounting bracket and extension pole! The set it and forget it design, once broken in will create a self-grabbing grip between the extension pole and base mounting bracket, making its ease to move the umbrella without having to adjust the tension key every time.

(Note: If you’re using the using Mobiletech Shade™ with the additional extension pole you may need to turn the tension key with a small tool to increase tension. The breaking in process should be performed without the umbrella in the stand to ensure the proper pressure)


Through research and testing, I noticed that stands that have a set locked position create liability for damaging the mounting surface.  If the umbrella was pushed by a person or gust of wind it could cause damage to the mounting surface.  By design, the Mobiletech Shade™ can be tightened to tension for non-movement.  However, we encourage you not over tighten the Mobiletech Shade™ to a locking position.  By keeping it tight but not locked, you will be able to move it without loosening or tightening the tension key for years and or causing damage to the mounting surface. 

This is what we call the sweet spot!  When that sweet spot is achieved, and the shade is pushed by a wind gust or any other hazards the shade will pivot without damaging the panel.  If you are using or planning on using the Mobiletech Shade™ in a windy area you should use the paracord tiedown system.  The tiedown system will secure the Mobiletech Shade™ by 1 more additional anchor points, keeping it from damaging the mounting surface. 


I use my Mobiletech Shade™ with the single extension configuration (which provides less distance to the umbrella) the majority of the time.  This requires less tension on the tension key than the full extension which is great to use when the additional distance from your mount surface is needed. 

I’ve outlined a couple of use cases to help you better understand the design and use of your Mobiletech Shade™. 

  • When you have the sun at 3 o’clock, and it is directly shining on the panel. I will attach it to the top of the car and pull the stand at a 90 degree or 110-degree angle to my side. This provides shading for me and the work area all at once.  Giving me 3 feet of room between the door and the underside of the umbrella.
  • Working on a fender with the sun at my back …. you can mount the shade to the glass if the vehicle has a soft aluminum hood that you don’t want to damage. I set it up with one side of the umbrella almost touching the ground to shade your back, legs, and work area all while giving you the room to move around.
  • When working in the rain it’s great to have the added extension pole. Sometimes it will come in handy to attach it to the rocker of the car and have the space you need for your arms if using a flagging tool on a dent in the window opening.  The extension keeps the umbrella well out of the way while providing shelter from the rain. 


Merely attaching the leather ring to the post on the top of the umbrella, draping the paracord over the outside of the umbrella and attach it to a mirror, rim, windshield wiper housing, or a grill. Although the set it and forget it technology doesn’t give us much use our of the paracord tiedown system it’s sure nice to have when the scenario calls s for it. Giving you the added support for the umbrella to stay still while doing your work


The paracord tiedown system was specially designed to secure the Mobiletech Shade™ in high wind environments. Having additional anchor points when mounting the umbrella on surfaces where damage can occur gives the Mobiletech Shade™ more versatility than shades with only one suction cup mount point. I’m sure you can imagine the stress of working on a brand-new car, mounting your umbrella and being hit with a steady gust of wind that shakes your shade back and forth. The paracord tiedown system gives you and your customers a sense of additional security so you can rest assured that it will not damage the mounting surface.


The trojan neoprene sip cover is made from 3 mils marine neoprene. The slipcover is double reinforced at the base, hand-stitched for an even more foolproof no scratch tool. Simply slide it down over the extension pole, base to cover the suction cup. Additionally, you can slide it over the pivot tension key as well because of the set it and forget it design of the Mobiletech Shade™. If you’ve properly broken in your stand and found the sweet spot, you don’t need to adjust the tension key at all unless you add the additional extension rod.

The cover is loose enough to always have it on your stand with or without the extension. If no extension is needed, slide the Trojan stand slop cover down below the first clip on the extension arm and remove the extension. Then insert umbrella, install your quick release clip, and let the cover climb back up the extension pole to the umbrella.

Now the mobile tech shade can be thrown across a hood or a roof and never cause permanent damage or scratch.


I’ve tested over 100 different umbrella types, designs, sizes, weights, and strengths to find the umbrella that I used for Mobiletech Shade™. The Mobiletech Shade™ umbrella is a dual ribbed, dual canopy, silver U.V resistant, and wind-resistant.

The center locking key is such a unique feature to all other umbrellas that are produced today. If you look at other umbrella locking systems, you will see they’re either configured with a metal shark tooth or single plastic piece that holds the entire frame! After testing many umbrellas, I realized that this is a design flaw in an industrial umbrella system.

The real test is sun deflection in high heat days. I have recorded upwards of 40-degree differences in high heat days on vehicle surfaces with the silver deflection the MTS umbrella provides myself. I tested several blacktop umbrellas with underside UV protection and noticed the temp deflection on the surface of the vehicle was good but a constant absorption of heat underside the umbrella is why I chose when picking this umbrella to have to silver on the top.


Year after year at Mobiletech Expo, I have customers approach me to share their experience with my stand and umbrellas. Most boast that they still use the same umbrella that they purchased with their original Mobiletech Shade™.

People always ask me what the difference is with the Mobiletech shade…it’s simple.  The years I put into making a product that is built for the everyday outdoor techs and the hours of testing different designs that all accumulated and came together into the Mobiletech Shade™ that I sell today.  That is the difference.